Georgia Patton

Georgia Patton

Georgia Patton

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

    Georgia Patton grew up in a leafy seaside suburb of Melbourne, Australia. Raised by an art teacher and a marine engineer, she had a natural curiosity about the world. Georgia was always drawing from a young age – often the subjects were daydreams, or influenced by the stories that her mother read to her at night.

    Georgia’s extended family lived in rural Victoria in green rolling-hilled dairy country, and she spent many holidays playing among the small farms and orchards or learning how to cook with her aunts.

    After finishing high school, a whirlwind trip to some of Europe’s major galleries indulged a love of classic art, including the works of Raphael, Gustav Klimpt, and the Pre-Raphaelites.

    On returning to Australia, Georgia applied to the Australian Interactive Institute, and later received a diploma in video game production as well as a Sony scholarship covering her tuition. Before graduating she was offered a place at a local studio and went on to work at several video game companies, making characters, textures and environments.

    Later, working as a freelance designer, Georgia designed corporate logos and websites, drew concept artworks and mockups, and produced artworks for print. During this time she explored her lifelong interest in comic making and hopes to produce a collection of her work in the near future.

    Georgia generally designs her works digitally, then completes the linework by hand with ink. While working primarily in digital colours for their vibrancy, she uses custom-designed brushes to replicate the transparency and depth of oil paints.

    Georgia is often inspired by the gardening, cooking and storytelling of her early life, and hopes to exhibit the warmth and joy of these reminiscences through her work.

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