Georgia Patton

Georgia Patton

Georgia Patton

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Artist’s Statement

    The brilliant thing about art is that it gives you an avenue to study more about the world. In order to draw something accurately- not necessarily realistically but with some kind of truth - you have to have an understanding of it. With that in mind, I often tend to pick subjects or objects that I’m curious about.
    After working in video games for a number of years, and creating primarily digital works for freelance clients, my work is often digital but I enjoy the feel and look of traditional media. I think both have a place in the modern art world, and I enjoy finding ways to use both mediums together.

    I’m also interested in the way that characters interact with each other and the world around them- particularly how characters both influence their world and are a product of it at the same time. I often create artworks with a mythological or dreamlike aspect – I enjoy the retelling and deconstruction of traditional narratives.

    After recently moving to Sydney, I’ve working towards several exhibitions, and publishing two collections of my self-written and illustrated comics.


    Born in Melbourne, Australia, Georgia Patton has been creating digital and traditional art professionally for over 12 years.
    Always scribbling since an early age, Georgia loved reading books and making artworks that told a story. She grew up in a seaside suburb with a huge, leafy backyard and was constantly outdoors. With a mother who completed a Bachelor of Art while Georgia was in her teens, and many artistic family friends, Georgia received the benefits of an artistic education while technically being “self-taught”. During high school Georgia played bass guitar in several bands, and won a music scholarship.
    A year after graduating high school, Georgia attended the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in Melbourne. She won the Sony scholarship in her first year and was soon after offered a job in video game development. For several years she worked on diverse tasks such as pixel art, 3d modelling, concept art, level design, and character animation.
    Later, Georgia became a freelance artist and pursued personal projects in her spare time. Continuing to work with game developers, she also developed skills with graphic design and traditional media. During that time she also produced several small independent games with former colleagues, as well as becoming interested in creating comics.
    While freelancing, Georgia ran a small gallery and studio with her mother in rural Victoria. After her mother’s passing in 2014, Georgia closed the studio and started to focus more seriously on producing comics and artworks.
    Primarily working in digital mediums, Georgia also produces traditional works on paper and canvas, generally using a combination of inks, paint and gouache. She enjoys finding ways to use traditional and digital mediums together, often using 3D or digital images as base sketches for traditional works.
    Moving to Sydney in June 2017, Georgia now works from her home apartment in the city center. She enjoys exploring Sydney, meeting new artists, and is hoping to publish two collections of her comics in the near future.

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