James Mathurin

James Mathurin

James Mathurin

NSW, Australia
Artist’s Statement

I'm James Mathurin. I'm a Londoner, living and working in Sydney, who primarily works in a mixture of traditional pencil and ink linework and digital, and also photography and graphic design. After getting my BA in Visual Communication Design from Middlesex University, I did some freelance advertising work, and I have exhibited in London and Sydney, where I am based. My art practice has been influenced by comics, animation, surrealism and science (both real and fictional). Another big influence is my work in Primary and Secondary education, especially my Comic-Book clubs, where I encourage students to find some different worlds themselves, and maybe create their own. I also do photography, particularly street art from around the world, and some of it makes its way into my art. I also make humorous infographics (yes, that is a thing).


Born in 1979 in London, James Mathurin works in a mixture of mediums: traditional pen and ink line work, digital drawing and colouring, photography and various combinations thereof. Having been influenced by comics and nerd culture, the Surrealist, Pre-Raphaelite and Dada movements, James’ work uses fantastic narratives to look forwards, backwards and sideways in time. After getting his BA in Visual Communication Design from Middlesex University, James did some freelance advertising work, and after moving to Sydney, he started exhibiting with the Sydney Comic Guild and other groups. Currently, he is the design and concept artist on the game Primal:Khaos, in development by Yelkrab Studios.


Surrealism, Giorgio de Chirico, René Magritte, H.R. Giger, Comic Book art (Denys Cowan, Chriscross, M.D. Bright, Will Eisner, Frank Quitely), Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Pre-Raphaellites.


Winner of Celebrate Diversity art prize at ArtShine Gallery in Feb 2016 Sydney.


February 2017
Different Worlds, Artshine Gallery, Sydney

August 2016
The Yellow Board, Space Gallery, Sydney

Feb 2016
Celebrate Diversity, Artshine Gallery, Sydney

January 2016
Bosozuku Wolves, The Shop Gallery, Sydney

Dec 2015
Artworks of Fantasy & Imagination, The Shop Gallery, Sydney

October 2015
Draw Me A Calendar, Artshine Gallery, Sydney

August 2015
Art On Board, Artshine Gallery, Sydney

April 2015
Sydney Comic Art & Drawing Exhibition, Artshine Gallery, Sydney

November 2012
Residency at the Apostles Bar, London

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