julie Ellitt

julie Ellitt

julie Ellitt

NSW, Australia
    Artist’s Statement

    I live to photograph.


    I started Photographing around the age of 16. It was for me a way to express myself without feeling that i was being judged. I grew up with Dyslexia and didn't learn to read or write until the age of 9 or 10.

    My mother would sit with me each night at the kitchen table pointing at each word in the book, i don't remember how long it took, but finally i got through my first book,”Dr Dolittle”. I think now I'm very happy that it was my first book i read as i love all animals very much.

    Flora and fauna are the subjects that i really love to photograph. Nature and animals are very close to my heart. They are like young children, trusting and open, and need us to be kind to them. They are valuable and do no harm to us.
    I cannot express myself through words or the written word, my Art and Photography are my words.

    I hope my art speaks to people and that they enjoy how i see and feel about the nature world that we live with.

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