Nathan Seabolt

Nathan Seabolt

Nathan Seabolt

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Artist’s Statement

    Dynamic lighting and realistic texture are hallmarks of my work. I also try to feature the contrast of realist treatment against surreal, humourous or lighthearted choice of subjects in a style I would qualify as "arched lowbrow". Hopefully this provides something new for viewers from a wide spectrum of art appreciation.

    I produce in a variety of media, traditional and digital. A current favourite is mixed media on toned paper, beginning with a digital drawing printed onto the surface. I plan a larger series in this format later this year, on the theme of Role-playing Game jargon.

    Now based in Sydney, most of my life and all my early art education took place in the US, where I learned the basics of form, colour and composition. These early years also led me to develop a strong sense of obligation to give back to the Art community, in the form of tutoring and sharing techniques with other inspiring artists.


    Nathan is an Illustrator/Artist who has been drawing since he was able to lift a crayon, as several repainted walls in his childhood home will attest. His inspirations are equal part comic books, monster movies, horror and whimsy.

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