Painted Lady Studio

Painted Lady Studio

Painted Lady Studio

Victoria, Australia
    Artist’s Statement

    I am Melissa Hamlyn founder of Painted Lady Print & Pattern design studio. My interest in design stems from the idea that we are what we consume; good design benefits our lives and positive values and strengths manifest in the ritual use of objects and conjure up the best version of ourselves.
    My obsession with colour, patterns and motifs comes from my curiosity of mythology and our collective experiences of past, present and future. I use symbolic imagery to tell stories of culture, ritual practices, and phenomena of nature. The repetition and pattern making evident in my motifs is reflected in the human experience as pattern recognition is important in helping us to understand and relate to the world around us.

    Bold colourways, geometric patterns, and collage form the basis of my designs. My artworks span textile hangings made of my own digital prints, collage with felt and paper, various printmaking methods such as collagraph and risograph and digitised designs in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


    I am a graduate of Fine Arts from both RMT and UNSW, completing my studies in 2017 and I have a history of producing quality art and design works including:

    2019 Lane Cove Art Gallery ‘Visions in Ink’, experimental printmaking exhibition

    2019 Commune OUR HOOD: Take it Back, an exhibition with Bedrock Collective

    2018 Birkenhead Point Project for NAIDOC Week, an Art Pharmacy & MIRVAC initiative

    2018 Locale, April, GAFFA Gallery, Sydney

    2017 Enter the Picture, GAFFA Gallery, Sydney

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