Pattern By Design

Pattern By Design

Pattern By Design

Cairns, Queensland, Australia
    Artist’s Statement

    A line, a line, and then, another line. This is how my practice starts. I am never sure what I will end up with. My art is not preconceived, but is a result of the flow of a brush, a pen, a pencil, whatever I have on hand. It is very spontaneous and extremely meditative.

    I have drawn since I could hold a pen and have been a designer for over 20 years. I draw/sketch everyday and sometimes, with the aid of a computer, these doodles become works of art. I use the computer like I use a pen, it is part of the creative process, but my work always starts off the screen.

    I often see faces/characters in my mark making and I am compelled to bring what I see out. Sometimes they are happy, but often more thought provoked. Why? I am not sure. I have grown not to ask that question; it is for you the viewer to ask, not of me, but of what you see.

    Since relocating to Tropical North Queensland after living in big cities around the world, I have seen a shift in my work. It has become more organic, more like landscapes. The environment that now surrounds me has had a marked impact on my work, much like my years spent in Asia did many years ago.

    I welcome this new influence and now find the most important aspect of my work is not the content, but more the flow, the strength, the subtlety of my line and the composition.


    Aylie is an artist, An artist with a designer eye. Aylie has always wanted to put her artwork on fabric. Her tertiary education was in fashion design having studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and The Royal College of Art in London. With the technological advances in digital fabric printing Aylie can now make her print concepts a reality. From fashion to interiors Aylie is producing products with her prints inspired by the life she wants to live, always utilitarian, always beautiful and always made with love.

    Pattern By Design isn’t just about the creation of product, it’s also about creating and living ones dreams, striving to understand the world and ones place within it. Aylie believes she can design the life she wishes if she understands and creates the right patterns in her life. It is an on going journey of self discovery and really at the core of the Pattern By Design ethos.

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