Rathenart Designs Rebecca Brady

Rathenart Designs Rebecca Brady

Rathenart Designs Rebecca Brady

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Artist’s Statement

    I am an artist who is inspired by experiences, adventure and my family. The act of painting as well as the interaction and communication between the conscious and subconscious plays a pivotal and recurrent developmental practice in my work, in reference to what inspires me in the everyday world and who I am. My current body of work incorporates a more postmodern approach combining travel, family and rewriting history from a political and social context.

    I love to explore and experiment with art materials in relation to the intuitive act of creating. My artwork is a detailed and complex hub of fusing colour and patterns in multi layers. From an intuitive approach, my art making is created in layers. Through the playful and spontaneous acts of pouring, drawing, mark making, experimenting and manipulating paint and mediums, these processes help create windows which can be perceived as gateways to the subconscious mind and intuitive philosophies.

    It’s a creative and visual playground of exploration and experimentation that manifests itself into an expressionistic form, idea, motif or landscape.


    Demonstrating a passion for the Arts since a young age, Rebecca graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University Of Western Sydney. In 1999, she completed a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education from the Australia Catholic University, Strathfield.

    Her passion and enthusiasm for teaching and learning in the Visual Arts enabled her ability as a highly skilled classroom teacher to bring an immense repertoire of art practice to the young people in her classroom for the past 20 years.

    Since her first exhibition at the Foyer Gallery in 1997, Rebecca is an award winning artist who has continued to create and exhibit works both nationally and internationally including exhibitions at Penrith Regional Gallery, Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst, Art Moment Gallery, Bondi, MLC Gallery, Ultimo and Sydney Art 09,12,13 at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park and more recently at Fairfield City Museum /Gallery, Casula Powerhouse and Palazzo Velli Gallery, Rome, Italy.

    Rebecca is now an established designer, fusing art and design together. Rathenart Designs is a multi-facetted business servicing Art, Interior, Fashion and Surface Design. Her first range from her collection Rathenart was launched in the Summer of 2011 at Las Vegas Fashion Week and continues to capture the imagination of the world with its vibrant and bespoke textile design.

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