Sami Sparrow

Sami Sparrow

Sami Sparrow

Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Artist’s Statement

    Sami Sparrow has been artistic for as long as she can remember. As she says, ‘[I was] born with a crayon in my hand and paint coursing through my veins.’

    Now a practicing and published artist – she has two colouring books for adults to her name – she’s found a way to bring her artistic passion to a wide audience.

    When working on paintings, Sami enjoys layering paint ad working outside. As she says, ‘I tend to throw paint…I love the free nature of minimal human corruption.’ Her main materials are wood panels, heavy weighted papers, and acrylic, spray and watercolour paint. Sami also uses stencils to create consistency throughout the layers. ‘I hand cut all my stencils, I enjoy making them as they are never the same and have some imperfections that you wouldn’t otherwise get.’

    In the future, Sami would love to create large mural pieces and collaborate with other artists.

    Sami is inspired by art history, contemporary artists including AQUAMAN and Hannah Goodwin, and ‘mandalas, kaleidoscopes, stained glass windows, geometric patterns, and graffiti.’

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