Wendy Leung

Wendy Leung

Wendy Leung

Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Artist’s Statement

    Photography is a way I can truly feel my presence. My interest in photography dated back to my teenage years where I shot with a film camera borrowed from my uncle, and I was hooked. My first purchase was a Minolta, and I remember I was the only girl in the photography club I joined. I’m glad to find a lot more female photographers now making beautiful images, which was my inspiration to get back to photography after giving birth to 3 children. I especially enjoy shooting in Botanic gardens or in the forest, where I can engage all my senses and remind myself to enjoy the moment and choose to see the beauty wherever I am.


    Wendy Leung is a photoartist born in Hong Kong and spent her teenage years onwards in Australia and New Zealand. Photography to Wendy is her conscious moment when she focuses on what's happening in that one particular moment. She especially enjoys shooting fascination she finds in nature. She also took a few terms of abstract painting classes from James Lawrence.

    Wendy’s style has been described as ethereal with a purpose, abstract but with a hint of reality. Wendy’s works include personal projects where she explores topics in conservation and mindfulness. She’s supporter for varies conservation community such as the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi. At her spare time, she volunteered with her 3 children in conservation projects.

    Currently, Wendy is working on private commission and preparing a body of work for future exhibition. She also takes guided walks for people interested in taking pictures of nature.

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