Zahrina Robertson

Zahrina Robertson

Zahrina Robertson

Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Artist’s Statement

    Colour & Ocean Addict, Founder of #ArtOnPurpose

    Enter the oceanic world of #ArtOnPurpose. A place where the ocean's currents melt into each other and colourful pattern emerge from deep within our core. Australian artist, Zahrina Robertson has spent years developing this world for you to discover.

    With a passion for vibrancy, pattern and photography, Zahrina uses selected combinations to evoke a variety of moods and motion throughout her work. Just like the rise and fall of tides... Light and colour take centre merging to create new design perspectives.

    Zahrina’s passion for colour and pattern design was inspired by growing up under the rays of a bright Australian sun.

    Her depth of palettes evokes different moods. They allow us to reminisce fondly about places from the past and entice us with the mystery of new ones. Her aim is to invite the viewer to experience these new places and rekindle the joy that colour and movement can bring.

    An experienced artist, Zahrina is excited about the opportunities art licensing can provide for her world of #ArtOnPurpose. Concepts and colours originate from her painted artworks.

    Art licensing will allow her to bring #ArtOnPurpose to the world on an international stage. With the limitless variety of mixed media applications, Zahrina hopes that everyone will soon have the opportunity to experience a unique colour burst to their day.

    Zahrina Robertson is determined in her mission to promote #ArtOnPurpose as a means to help our environment dramatically minimise plastics in our oceans for future generations and showcase natural beauty through her art.

    “By sharing my passion behind my art practice, I’m keen to be inspiring our next generation with #ArtOnPurpose making a global difference with licensing for a lasting effect."

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