For Impact Investors and Patrons

Investors & Patrons

There is opportunity to invest in the ArtSHINE industries’ portfolio of Creative Industries Professionals.

ArtSHINE is always seeking to work with impact investors and patrons of the arts interested in investing in the creative industries.

At ArtSHINE we identify and invest in the person first.

People with desire, passion, and purpose.

People with clear goals, far-reaching ideas, and a dedicated commitment to pursue their dreams.

Designed to take creative enterprise from concept to commercialisation, ArtSHINE offers a flexible, practical, and real-world approach to entrepreneurial education programs tailored specifically to commercially minded and innovative Creative Industries Professionals.

Our investment strategy is to mitigate risk through deep engagement in each creative enterprise through our Launch Pad + Accelerator programs, ongoing mentoring, and delivery of our Quantum Compass OPIC business and action planning system.

As a Launch Pad + Accelerator ArtSHINE is always the first to invest. We then work towards “commercial readiness” to ensure the creative enterprise is worthy of investment.

If you’re an Impact Investor or patron of the arts, we need your help. We have a portfolio of creative industries professionals; some at startup (Launch Pad) stage, and some ‘Commercial Ready’; all looking to raise capital.

ArtSHINE industries primarily (but not exclusively) works with practitioners and entrepreneurs who focus on the arts, crafts, artisanal making, design, fashion, entertainment, photography, music, writing, film & television, digital technology, and games & interactive content.

ArtSHIINE patrons and impact investors will receive priority invitations to events and showings, and will only be offered review enterprises matching their criteria. If you’re interested to find out more please register here.



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