Refugees – The Builders

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A group of other-worldly refugees, now employed on a building site, enjoying their tea break. Based on a photograph of builders, with animal and fantasy elements. Most of the fantasy stuff I’ve enjoyed has been in a contemporary setting (China Mieville, Geoffrey Thorne, Neil Gaimen, and Garth Ennis’ Preacher are the ones that come to mind), so I wanted to do some pieces that put fantasy figures into everyday settings, linked by the following narrative:

It’s been just 18 months since the first of the refugees arrived through the portals. In cities all over the world, people have started to grow accustomed to having neighbours and, increasingly, workmates who would have been the stuff of myths 2 years ago.

While most refugees are reluctant to talk about their experiences, there are rumours circling of harsh and brutal feudal societies, with appalling living conditions. No wonder, many say, that they have been so quick to train and enter the modern workforce, and, where possible, assimilate into 21st century culture.

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Pencil and Ink with digital colouring