Artist: Mable Tan         Artwork: Vintage Comos      License This artwork

Most people dismiss teachings that advocate making money as nothing but hype. So why do others who adopt these principals successful, wealthy and happy?

We each have a blueprint to financial happiness, but rarely achieve them. Whether you believe it, we can re-wire our mental attitudes and psychological approach to money, success, and happiness.

These quotes from T. Harv Eker set out the differences between the rich and poor to their financial blueprints:

The rich believe: “I create my life,” while the poor focus on what prevents them from achieving

Rich play to win. Poor people play NOT to lose.

Rich people are committed to being rich. Poor people want to be rich.

Rich think big, poor people think small.

Rich people focus on opportunities, the poor on obstacles.

Rich people admire other successful people, the poor don’t.

Rich associate with positive, successful people. The poor associate with negativity.

Rich people look to promote themselves, yet the poor don’t.

Rich people are bigger than their problems. Poor people are smaller than theirs.

Rich people are excellent receivers, while the poor aren’t.

Rich people choose to get paid based on results, the poor choose to get paid based on time.

Rich people focus on their net worth, the poor look at their working income.

Rich people manage their money well, the poor mismanage theirs well.

Rich make money work hard for them. The poor work hard for their money.

Rich people act in spite of fear. Fear stops poor people.

Rich people learn and grow, where the poor think they know.

These lessons are common-sense but help us focus and help us enrich ourselves. Don’t take everything at face value, but make the information work for you.

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