As much as creatives would rather project their works in art galleries, they really need to grasp the opportunities presented by Facebook and Instagram before dismissing them as ”sell-outs to the mainstream”.

Let’s get real: the platforms can be used to reach thousands of people who wouldn’t ordinarily see your work, let alone visit an art gallery. These platforms break down the barriers between artist and viewer, and potential buyer, in ways that you couldn’t imagine five years ago.

But which one should you choose: Facebook, Instagram, or both?

It’s essential to set goals and expectations around using social media for your business.

So, before you dive in, ask yourself these questions:

What’s the purpose? Am I selling, or just generating an audience?

Who is my audience? Do they use social media and how often?

What’s the plan? Do these channels fit my business strategy?

Are my competitors in the same space?

How are you going to engage with your audience?

Here we break down the social media giants so you can figure what suits you best:


Around 60% of Australians are active on Facebook. It’s an impressive number that’s hard to ignore for any business.

However, Facebook’s recent algorithms have changed to focus on ”connecting with people’ instead of brands. This has impacted the effectiveness of business pages, forcing them to rethink their investment and strategy.

That said, Facebook should still be an essential part of your marketing mix, as it allows for highly targeted advertising, is perfect for building relationships with the older generation, and provides insights and data tools to keep your communication effective.

You can quickly build trust with your base; it provides a forum for longer-form content for blogs and videos and allows you to have one-to-one connections with customers.


Instagram is fast becoming the social app of choice for the younger, digitally savvy generation. To be noticed on Instagram, brands need to work harder to create better content which then generates brand engagement levels much higher than on Facebook. 

Instagram features tools that encourage users and brands to express themselves in unique, creative ways that offer a more welcoming, collaborative and informal environment where millennials thrive.

If you’re considering Instagram, then you need to engage influencers to promote your product; build an active audience through incentive strategies; focus on an 80/20 brand and retail split, and create a consistent look to build your brand.

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