Ever wanted to know how to bring your art alive, and not feel like a complete dork and get embarrassed around potential investors and lovers of your work? Then here’s a how-to- guide on walking the walk, and talking the talk – and all in the name of your art:

10 ways to talk your art into someone’s life

Get confident

Before you even engage in talking to complete strangers, whether that be at a lecture or in small talk, the need to pack a punch with your delivery and make an instant impact is a key to your future success.

So in terms of wowing the crowds, get a pen and paper ready and jot down some intro summaries that highlight you and your work in a great light. Seize on trying to bring your art alive, describing its message and then summarise it. By memorising it and saying out loud, you will become more confident and be able to leave the crowds, or just individuals wanting more of you and your art.

Keep it simple

When the attention’s all on you, sometimes you can get tongue-tied and waffle on leaving clients and art lovers underwhelmed by the delivery. Remember that the need to keep it simple and brief is always the mark of a successful artist. So give yourself a four to five minute of hitting the right peaks, but keep the message simple and clear. That way clients know where you are coming in from.

Connect and get connections

Artists must be on the ball when in public areas, such as galleries and art-related events, as there is a wealth of opportunity and potential out there. So rather than look at talking your way through an event as a challenge. see as a conversational corridor to connect with art lovers. They’ll be just as nervous as you, but at least, you have the motivation to underpin your art without the need for a hard-sales talk.

Awkward questions – pin ’em down

Artists need to sit in their own space and imagine the most awkward customer and tackle any imaginary questions that they may fire at you. Small hand grenades in the grass that could explode from the mouths of customers in difficult questions, should be easily batted away with confidence if the artist just sits and walks through those potentially awkward mines.

Stay positive

If your art is controversial or dark and counters to today’s society, try to remain the antithesis of that. Come across as positive and confident, and set the tone with those that are prepared to listen to you. They will go away with a much more enlightened view of the artist as a human being.

Demystify your art

While you aim to keep a little bit of a mystique about you and your art, you will have to cross a line in public talking to present to people what your art actually stands for. Don’t hide behind the art and miss the chance to sell the intrinsic value of the work. Cross the line and tell them as collectors will understand your intentions and messages.

Practice makes perfect

Taking the time to perfect the spiel is great because you’ll need to. Clients are more likely to go away in awe of someone with confidence and are able to communicate their art in words than those who try to let their art do the talking.

Undersell the art

No-one wants to be faced with a bore who just wants to sell their art. A great seller is one who intertwines their art into the hard sell without the client even noticing. So drop the ‘For sale’ signs and focus on engagement.

Be informative, but casual

Art lovers and potential clients would rather be learning more over a glass of wine than feel they are standing in front of a shop window being hassled to buy. So keep all your conversational pieces casual and laid back and give them the perception of room in the conversation to allow them to think over your art and you. We’re sure that they will be coming back to buy.

Innovative approaches

For artists, innovation is at their core, so they need to engage can extend to, say, a video that documents you and your art. Making yourself accessible will endear you more to the public than being cool and guarded. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your message. Producing a video will get you even further out into the community and ‘art world’.

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