Artist: Sye Robertson         Artwork: Conduit        License This artwork

As an artist, your brand and profile are important to your success. Thanks to internet, you are now able to promote your art and your profile online to the world. However, here is the “First world problem”, we are bombarded with so many information available to us  and tools that can help us  and at time, it could be so overwhelming right?  and why are we not doing as well as we should with online presence.

Here are five low or no-cost strategies to get you started connecting and building a following for your art and your art practice.

Leverage the power of the internet and social Media

Be visible online is necessary than ever for artists. Have a website or a blog or Facebook  or Instagram Fan Page where people can find you and  to learn more about you and your art. People like to buy from people they like so let them get to know you and your art. This doesn’t mean you have to give out every detail of your life, but giving them a overview of  you as an artist  will go a long way to building a fan base. Don’t forget to link your  social media accounts so  if you posted a post on Instagram it will automatically share to your Facebook page or Twitter (this only works when you authorised accounting linking). Having this feature will save you time posting to your account one by one.

Exhibit at  trade show or sell products at markets.

If you license your art, most manufacturers will offer you to buy your own products at wholesale prices that you can then resell at the markets. So if you enjoy setting up stalls at designer or local markets, then here is your opportunity to sell your product and promote your brand as the same time. It’s a great way to talk with people, find out what they like about your works and get inspired to keep creating great art.

Present talks to groups of end consumers.

Presenting talks are great ways to connect with new and existing audience and particularly you have licensed your art to many  product categories. Do research and see if there are groups related to to your products. For example, If you design quilting fabric and have spoken at a variety of quilting clubs and store events in your area. It was a service to the organisation but also let the quilters know the artist behind the fabric collection. Like attract like, they too like to support people they know and like. You can also connect with an experience or high profile quilter and let her uses your fabrics to create a quilt, bags or even cushion covers, get her to share her creations online and social media.

Artist signings.

Get in touch with your local store carries your  products,  work out a marketing plan  with them  like  offering to do a signing during a busy time of day or during a special event. It gives them a reason to invite people to the store while spreading your name and brand around. Signings also give you the chance to interact with people who buy your products.

Joint venture/cross-promotion opportunities.

Joint venture or collaborate with businesses who are talking to your end consumer is a good way for you to extend your reach. Remember as an art licensing artist, you require to wear the “FOUR HATS”, So understanding your end consumer will help you find and connect the right businesses and to work out if there is anything you can offer to add value to their business. One of our license artist connected with an interior designer  who sent out monthly newsletter to 3000 of her subscribers and includes coupons or information about businesses and services of interest to her followers. You could able to be included one month, letting her followers know about a product you offer online. It filled her needs for something new and interesting for the month and got your name, brand and website into 3000 homes.

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